Swimclinics was founded in 2011 by Joost Reijns and Sebastiaan Verschuren. During their swimming carreers they organised and conducted dozens of clinics across the Netherlands. Now they are focused on improving swimming worldwide.

Clinics, Presentations, Courses, Training

We do clinics, courses and presentations. We always shape our services to the needs of the client. When there are already clear focus points defined, we work on those with different drills, exercises and tips. We know all about swimming: form and technique of all strokes, dive starts and relay takeovers, turns and finishes, you name it.

Besides clinics, we also do presentations. How to become a top athlete, what is the best freestyle technique, what’s it like at the Olympics and what race preparation works best are just a couple of options for you to consider.

All Countries

Swimming is the greatest sport in the world, we want to inspire swimmers worldwide.

All Swimmers

Whether it is in the pool or in the sea. We conduct clinics for triathletes, schools and clubs.

All Levels

With hundredths of different drills, exercises & tips, we can teach swimmers of every level.

All Elite

State of the art drills, exercises and technologies: we have worked with and for the best.

Joost Reijns and Sebastiaan Verschuren

Joost (30) and Sebastiaan (28) have been training together since 2003. They were both competing in the same events (100 and 200 freestyle), so they have been racing (with) each other for more than a decade.

Together, they won the Silver medal at the 2015 World Championships and won the European title during the 2016 European Championships. Sebastiaan has been to two Olympic Games, swimming in three different Olympic finals. The love for swimming resulted in the establishment of their company Swimclinics. With Swimclinics, they want to inspire and teach swimmers of all levels